Drive efficiencies

Your time is an expensive resource. Don't waste it on building an inefficient in-house customer care solution. 

Outsourcing to the right partner means streamlining every detail of your customer experience. 

Enjoy lower costs for infrastructure and people, while ensuring your customers receive superior service and care.

Economical approach

Anyone who has tried creating an in-house contact centre will know how expensive it can be, with hidden costs lurking around every corner.

An effective multi-channel contact centre requires major investment in facilities, equipment, operations and human resources.

It demands considerable capital expenditure as well as ongoing operating expense.

Could you do this in-house for the same cost as a company who has made it their core focus?

Our proven experience

We were excited to start a relationship with a large government client in 2012, joining a panel of outsourcing suppliers. 

When we started our partnership we immediately saw how much time and money they were sinking into training their new frontline staff. Our first task? Redesign the training, reducing it from 349 hours to 152 hours. 

The expense and time saved were so compelling that this new method was rolled out across all of their debt-managing centres, including in-house and competitor centres.

Through our improvements, we also brought about:

reduction in training costs
increase in conversions
increase in quality scores

Flexibility and scalability

In-house contact centres tend to carry the costs when volumes are low and struggle with meeting demand when volumes spike. These variances need to be handled in cost-effective ways that do not impact on the customer experience.

Your success is our success

When it comes to your bottom line, we put our money where our mouth is. Our embedded Open Book Management culture means our people are financially incentivised to help you meet your business goals, with 35% of our profits paid out to staff since opening our doors.

Stellar can lower your costs


Our bespoke cStar® solution is designed to shave microseconds off customer interactions, providing a seamless experience for your customer while reducing time to serve.

‘Rightshoring’ – getting the mix right

There are many options when it comes to location of resources, including in country and offshore. Each option offers differences in cost and available skills. Whatever your needs, Stellar will work with you to find the best balance for your customer and your bottom line. 

Stellar Evolve consulting

Sometimes it takes an objective point of view to see where efficiencies can be driven within your business. Keep your in-house operation but work with our consultants at Stellar Evolve to streamline your current operation.

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