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About iQ

All contact centres can provide you with a wealth of data. Call handling times, wrap times, sales per hour, quality scores – all useful measures for maximising operational performance but what do they tell us about the people at the heart of all contact centre services... our customers?  

Stellar Europe therefore embarked on a technological journey to provide our clients with a deeper insight into their customers. The result was iQ – a unique business intelligence solution that provides exceptional levels of customer insight to continually improve the quality of our services.


What is iQ?

Today’s consumers have more choice than ever before.  Understanding and, more importantly, acting upon your customers’ feedback is crucial to success.  The brands that stand out in the marketplace are those which protect their values at every customer touch point.  

iQ as a BPO intelligence solution ensures that your brand values are at the heart of every customer interaction.  It captures the wealth of information exchanged between customers and advisors in the contact centre to provide valuable intelligence which maximises the success of your campaigns and improves customer satisfaction. 


What does it do?

iQ provides rapid and insightful reports at the touch of a button.  The Campaign Performance Management portal generates multi-level performance statistics from real-time and historical information within a single report.  

The Script Page Analytics portal provides immediate insight on campaign efficiency.  We can identify exactly where on the script a call ended as well as its outcome.  With seamless access to call recordings, we can determine the effectiveness of each part of the script and the actions required to improve performance.  

iQ is also a powerful tool for managing customer service.  Calls can be analysed to identify best practice and provide insight into the issues that trigger contact.  By collecting this business intelligence and addressing these issues at source, you can reduce the volume of calls and improve overall satisfaction with your brand.


More than technology

iQ is our part of our business philosophy.  Unlike other outsourcers, it is not about selling you additional software or technology – it is something that is available to all of our clients as an integral part of our service.   By helping you to understand your customers better, we demonstrate our commitment to continually improving the service we deliver on your behalf.


How iQ works

In recent years, the contact centre industry has woken up to the importance of customer insight. While several software brands now offer analytical tools for capturing and extracting intelligence, implementing these systems can add significantly to the operational costs which are passed on to clients.  

Stellar Europe set itself the challenge of creating a cost-effective solution for providing its UK clients with business intelligence at no additional cost. In a matter of months, our talented in-house IT team had developed and implemented a bespoke BPO intelligence system, iQ, using existing technology and resources. 

The iQ Challenge

To achieve their aim, the team had to bring together millions of data records from unique campaigns which were stored in many separate locations.  Working in tandem with our call management and scripting system, iQ automatically extracts and transforms data so that each customer contact can be represented in a single view. 

This innovative concept allows almost any report to be created and each record can be cut in a variety of ways based on call performance and customer demographics.   Our operations team can now access holistic management information, both real-time and historical, quickly and concisely via a secure self-service portal. 

iQ’s Campaign Performance Management (CPM) portal provides multi-level statistics within a single report, while the Script Page Analytics (SPA) portal provides immediate insight on script efficiency for sales or customer service resolution. 

Advisor scripts are customised for every campaign or service, with each stage in the customer journey uniquely identified.  On completing the call, the last stage reached by each advisor is automatically tagged with a disposition code to provide immediate feedback on performance.  With seamless access to call recordings, we can analyse the effectiveness of each and every contact. 

iQ in Practice

Your brand is unique.  With iQ, we analyse how your customers react to your brand and determine how to build a rapport with them.  By segmenting call data and listening to recordings, we identify key messages and experiences which trigger satisfaction.  This allows us to ‘profile match’ agents to your customer demographics, as well as identify best practice for coaching and training purposes. 

iQ Performance

iQ helped a blue-chip Financial Services client make immediate improvements to the performance of their sales campaign.  By analysing the script to determine key success factors and providing targeted ‘best practice’ coaching to agents, we were able to increase conversion and reduce the cost of sales.  

In just one week, sales per hour increased from 8% to 26%.   Annualised over a year, these improvements equated to a potential increase in revenue of £2m at a cost saving of 40% for our client.

iQ Reporting

iQ offers much more than campaign performance data. We work closely with you to interpret reports and provide recommendations based on this data analysis to improve your sales and marketing strategies.

As well as valuable intelligence on your products, iQ provides you with an understanding of what your customers are saying and how they are behaving at the point of transaction. Through expert analysis of call recordings, we can even offer qualitative market research reports at a fraction of the cost of industry studies.

Your success is our success. iQ is truly your brand manager in the contact centre. Located in Irvine, we service businesses in the UK and right across Europe, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and beyond. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

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