With increasing public demand for state of the art media and entertainment services, we at Stellar have sought to participate in this evolution by supporting a number of organisations with their customer management strategies. Such activities have included but are not limited to operating outbound and inbound customer service and sales initiatives on our clients' behalf.                                                                                                                                              In recognition of the social media revolution that has taken place in recent years, like many other service providers, we have grasped the challenge by developing a range of digital multi-channel customer contact solutions in order to meet customer demand to interact with their service providers, how and whenever they desire. Services such as Facebook and Twitter have already become the fabric of the modern day world, driving the need to be able to interact with consumers at their level, and in their preferred manner of communication.                          

With a presence covering the majority of global time zones, this presents the opportunity to support global clients and their customers using a “follow the sun” contact methodology. Investment by Stellar in a state of the art global technology platform, acts as an enabler to augment our global capability.  The following provides typical solutions offered by Stellar to the media and entertainment sector.                                                                                             


• Technical Helpdesk

• Inbound Sales / Customer Service

• Outbound Sales / Customer Service

• Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, Fax etc)

• Quality Assurance services - through Stellar’s ListeningCentre capability

• Customer Analytics - through Stellar’s strategic Partner Datanautix

• Knowledge Management solutions – SupportPoint - through Stellar’s strategic partnership with Panviva

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Customer Insight

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